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 Secondlyf 21 UoS_C° §841(a) (i) clearly limits the ability of
 an individual to shape his or her conscience or plan his or her
 lifestyle. If a person wishes to possess_ use and distribute a
 drug which has an effect only upon himself or herself or only
 upon those who freely and voluntarily choose to join in that
 conduct without complaint, a criminal statute prohibiting that
 behavior clearly limits their ability to so plan their lifestyle.
 If a person wishes to develop a lifestyle centered around the use
 of drugs, and enters into that lifestyle freely and without being
 physically forced or coerced by someone elser it may be grounds,
 as Mill said, for "remonstrating with him, or reasoning with him,
 or persuading him, or entreating him _ to do otherwise in order to
 make him happier_ or wiser, but it is not grounds for compelling
 him under the pain of criminal sanctions and loss of liberty to
 adopt a different lifestyle° The very idea is abhorrent to the
 most fundamental concepts of liberty and freedom upon which this
 nation was founded.
 The final_ and perhaps most important issue in determining
 whether possession with intent to distribute marijuana endangers
 the evident good of the co_maunity is whether such behavior
 affects or harms persons other than the ac=or or actors involved_
 The only ways in which the possession with whatever intent one
 has of a harmless substance such as marijuana affects other
 persons is in economic and commercial ways_ which are more

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