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 even very heavy use of cannabis over long periods of time does
 not have deleterious physiological or psychological effects°
 ____gj__9_g___Mendelson_ Behavioral and BiplQg_ical_oncomitants of
 Chronic Marihuana Use (UoS. Army Medical Research and Development
 Comman 1974) [released to public in November 1975] (finding no
 significant adverse effects on physiological, cognitive or
 neurological functioning following chronic: marijuana smoking,
 including no changes in testosterone levels following chronic
 marijuana smokiilg) .
 Particularly significant is a very carefully controlled
 study conducted in Jamaica for the National Institutes of Mental
 Health, United States Department of Health Education and Welfarer
 in which the study subjects were thirty males who had smoked an
 average of seven marijuana cigarettes of relatively high potency
 each day for an average of seventeen vears_ and thirty controls°
 The results of the study support the findings of! the National and
 Canadian Commissions: no significant physiological or
 psychological differences were found between long-term smokers
 and non-smokers, there was no evidence of physical dependency
 (addiction)_ severe overdose reactions, insanity_ cerebral
 atrophy, brain damage, personality deteriorations or
 '_amotivational syndromeo _' V. Rubin and L. Comitas_ GaDja in
 83-84_ 150-151, 165-166 (1975).
 B. Applying the Mill's Standard to the instant Case, it is

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