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 Both the Canadian Commission and the National Commission
 found that marijuana does not cause criminal or violent behavior,
 Canadian Commission Report at iI0_ National Co_nission Report at
 73; does not lead to the use of other drugs, Canadian Commission
 report at 130, National Commission Report at 88--89; is not a
 narcotic or addicting drug, Canadian Commission Report at 123,
 National Commission Report at 87; and posed no danger of death
 from overdose, Canadian Commission Report at 113-114, National
 Commission Report at 56-57.
 5. Report of the Domestic Council,
 Drug Abuse Task Force.
 The Domestic Council Drug Abuse Task Force submitted a
 report to the President entitled "White Paper on Drug Abuse" in
 September, 1975. The Task Force, which consisted of the federal
 government's chief officials involved with drugs and drug abuser
 made a number of significant recommendations. The report urged
 that marijuana possession offenses be '_de-emphasized" because
 they posed the least risk of harm to the individual and to
 society of the drugs commonly used in the United States. Id. at
 33. The report called for "better targeting of limited
 resourcesoooOn the basis of priorities which reflect current
 conditions and current knowledge."
 Id. at 34.
 Additional studies have been published which indicate that

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