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 use of marijuana directly causes alienation, "dropping outs" or
 loss of motivation, or behavioral changes between even very
 heavy, very long term users of cannabis preparations and the non-
 using population. Id. at 63-64.
 The National Commission recommended that the possession of
 marijuana for personal use no longer be a criminal offense. Id.
 at 152-154o After studying other drugs, the Commission then
 published its second and final reports entitled Drug Use in
 America: Problem in Pers_ective (1973). In this report, the
 Commission reaffirmed its recommendations concerning marijuana as
 set out in the first report.
 Id. at 467.
 4o Report of the Canadian
 Commission of Inquiry into the
 Non-Medical Use of Drugs.
 The Canadian Commission of Inquiry into the Non-Medical
 Use of Drugs also published its report on marijuana Cannabis, in
 1972o The Canadian Commission reached similar conclusions to
 those reached by the UoS. National Commission. The Canadian
 Commission stated:
 In summary, at typlcal doses of cannabis use,
 few acute physiological effects have been
 detected. Those which have been identified
 generally seem to have little clinical
 significance. Even at relatively high doses_
 few substantial physiological changes occur.
 Ida at 114.

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