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 A large amount of research has been performed
 on man and animals regarding the immediate
 effect of marijuana on bodily processes. No
 conclusive evidence exists of any physical
 damage, disturbances of bodily processes or
 proven human fatalities attributable solely
 to even very high doses of marijuana°
 These few consistently observed transient
 effects on the bodily function seem to
 suggest that marijuana is a rather unexciting
 compound of negligible immediate toxicity at
 the doses usually consumed in this country.
 The substance is predominantly a psychoactive
 drug° The feelings and state of
 consciousness described by the intoxicated
 seem to be far more interesting that the
 objective state noted by an observer.
 [In a study of very heavy marijuana use in
 Jamaica, no] significant physical or mental
 abnormalities could be attributed to
 marijuana use, according to an evaluation of
 medical history_ complete physical
 examination, chest x-ray, electrocardiogram,
 blood cell and chemistry testsr lunge liver
 or kidney function tests, selected hormone
 evaluation, and psychological testing. There
 was no evidence to indicate that the drug as
 colmmonly used was responsible for producing
 birth defects in offspring of users.
 Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding, supra, at 56-57, 63°
 The Commission further concluded that use of marijuana
 generally does not cause any significant psychological
 disturbance or aberration° Ida at 59. When study subjects were
 given high doses of marijuana over several weeks, "no harmful
 effects were observed on general bodily functions, motor
 functions, mental functions_ personal or social behavior or work
 performanceo _' Ido at 60. Nor is there evidence that long-term

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