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 at 4o The potential effects on the development of adolescents,
 the Committee's primary concern, are not at issue because the
 right advocated herein applies strictly to adults° Id. at 5. In
 the final analysis, any potential danger associated with
 marijuana use was not seen as serious enough to override the
 factors weighing in favor of decriminalization. Id. at 6.
 3. Reports of the National
 Commission on Marijuana and
 Drug Abuse.
 In March 1972, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug
 Abuse published its report, entitled Mari_na: A Si@nal of
 Misunderstanding (1972) o
 The National Co_mnission was created by Congress in the
 Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, 21
 U.S.C. @801 et Seqo, and given a broad mandate to study marijuana
 and other drugsr and then issue two reports to Congress and the
 President, the first on marijuana alone, and the second on all
 other drugs° See 21 U.SoC. §801 note.
 The National Commission investigated many aspects of
 marijuana use, held hearings, both formal and informal, reviewed
 the research which had been done on marijuana in this country and
 in other countries and itself commissioned more than 50 research
 projects in areas where additional information was needed. Among
 the significant findings of the report were the following:

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