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 wholly irrelevant to the achievement of the state's objectives.
 '_A statutory enactment will not be set aside if any statement of
 facts reasonably may be conceived to justify ito"
 But Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment due process requires a
 W'stricter'_ review of legislation where it impinges on a right
 held to be "fundamental. '_ The ill-defined and amorphous category
 of "fundamental" rights does not provide the Court, however, with
 a very adequate basis for ascertaining the intensity of the
 required review where an important personal right does not enjoy
 the status afforded by a finding of "fundamentality."
 Many important areas of human conduct and choice have not
 been previously designated as _fundamentalo" As time goes on,
 several new areas might be added to this favored list. Whether
 the designation of fundamentality will be derived from the
 penumbra principle of the Ninth Amendment or distilled from the
 content of the Ninth Amendment, it is certain that the list of
 rights requiring protection has not been exhausted° The
 individual_s right to his choice of attire and grooming, to
 engage in lawful employment or to refrain from work, to bear
 children or to refrain from recreations to engage in charity or
 to abstain from it, to improve his body and mind or to dissipate
 theme or to possess, regardless of intents relatively harmless
 substances -- all these remain within the area that requires
 future attention and ascertainment°

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