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 We are not speaking of children or of young
 persons below the age which the law may fix
 as that of manhood or womanhood. Those who
 are still in a state to require being taken
 care of by others must be protested against
 their own actions as well as against external
 Mill, supra, at 13.
 The courts have also recognized this necessary exception.
 The United States District Court for the Hiddle District of
 Pennsylvania, in upholding a juvenile curfew ordinance,
 recognized that the constitutional rights of adults and juveniles
 are not co-extensive, and that the conduct of minors may be
 constitutionally regulated to a greater extent than that of
 adults, with the age of a minor a significant factor in assessing
 whether a minor has the requisite capacity for individual choice.
 B vkofskz v. Boro/Agb__of Middletown, 401 F. Supp. 1242 (MoD. Pa.
 1975) .
 Thus, John Stuart Mill has provided us with a workable
 standard by which to determine whether the Ninth Amendment
 provides protection for those acts committed by adults which the
 state has determined to denominate as criminal hut which do not
 involve the infliction of harm upon other persons°
 Ao Application of the Standard
 Encapsulated_ Hill's philosophy is that a person of sound
 mind and proper age is free to do what he will either
 individually or in concert with others, short of harming another.

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