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 Kirk, _ction to_____Mi___Qn Liberty vii (Gateway ed.
 Mill was born in 1806 and published his essay _ in
 1859. Obviously Mill himself did not influence the writers of the
 Constitution° However_ he did elaborate on many of the concepts
 of political freedom which had evolved in the century before him.
 It is in this sense that Mill was one of _he most eloquent
 spokesmen of these concepts° See Note, L[mitin__thg__tate_s
 Police _udicia! k-action to John SL/_art Mill, 37 U. Chio
 L. Rev. 605, N. 3 (1970} .
 While Mr. Justice Black_s objection An Griswold v_
 Connecticut to the application of standards based on "natural
 justice", 381UoS. at 522 (Black, Jo, dissenting), might appeal
 to an age which does not accept that concept, it does not obviate
 the fact that the authors the Constitution did believe in it.
 James Otis spoke of _rnatural inherent and inseparable
 rights" that would remain even if the charter privileges of the
 colonies were disregarded or revoked. Co P. Patterson, _he
 Constitutional P

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