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 if Wtis taken from them without their consent
 they are enslaved...
 (emphasis added).
 The assertion of the existence of natural rights "not to be
 restrained but for the evident good of the community" approaches
 closely the compelling state interest requirement adopted by
 Goldberg in Griswold:
 In a long series of cases this court has held
 that where fundamental personal liberties are
 involvedf they may not be abridged by the
 states simply on a showing that a regulatory
 statute has some rational relationship to the
 effectuation of a proper state purpose.
 Where there is significant encroachment upon
 personal '_ _
 llme_ty the State may prevail only
 upon showing a subordinating interest which
 is compelling°
 381 U.S. at 497. Professor William Marne3ol_ in his book, Manmad______e
 Moral_ Four Ph[losqpbies That ShaRed A_er_ca_ discussed
 Alexander Hamilton's view of society as the pro:ector of personal
 liberties, and stated that Hamilton was fond of quoting from
 Blackstone that _'the principle aim of society is to protect
 individuals in the enjoyment of those absolute rights which
 were vested in them by the immutable laws of nature; that the
 first and primary end of laws is to maintain and regulate these
 absolute rights of individuals°" ii at 158. Hamilton, in
 FederAlist No. 7! extends the protective authority of the
 judiciary to encroachments by the majority upon rights which a
 minority intended to express:

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