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 person to engages participate in_ or be __ at a cockfight
 exhibition° The court viewed mere presence a sweeping
 infringement on the dual freedoms of movement and privacy.
 Critical of Justice Douglas v approach of penumbras and
 emanations as providing little basis for constitutional
 stability, the court noted that the source of protection for a
 right of privacy had not been determined by a majority of the
 Supreme Court, and continued_ stating:
 The Ninth Amendment may well be the
 cornerstone of the Constitution in years to
 come°..Historically_ it was included to
 nullify the argument that the enumerated
 rights were intended to be the only
 protected° Therefore, to reject the Ninth
 Amendment as a source of substantive ;rights
 would be to accept the precise argument it
 was intended to nullify_ As for its
 applicability to the state, by definition,
 the rights protected by the Ninth Amendment
 are those fundamental to a free society and
 therefore are included in the Fourteenth
 Amendment° The Ninth Amendment is a
 reservoir of personal rights necessary to
 preserve the dignity and existence of Man in
 a free society.
 State oof Hawaii v_ Abellano_ 441 Po2d 333, 337 (Haw. 1968).
 In a thoughtfully worded and cogently articulated decision, the
 Supreme Court of Hawaii_ carefully examined the admonitions of
 Justices Black and Stewart in their Griswol_ dissent, and arrived
 at the following conclusion:

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