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 Lo Revo at 8.
 The district court in Rc_v___W__j_9 held the Texas abortion
 statute prima facie unconstitutional for infringing upon the
 Ninth Amendment right of _'choice over events which, by their
 character and consequences, bear in a fundamental manner on the
 privacy of individuals°" 314 Fo Suppo 1217, 1331 (NOD. Tex.
 In numerous state and federal decisions, the right of
 personal privacy and the integrity of individual private
 expression has been developed and fully articulated as a Ninth
 Amendment right of the individual against arbitrary or unlawful
 interference. Examples of its application include: the
 termination of employment of a postal employee because of his
 cohabitation with a woman with whom he was not married was held
 in violation of one's Ninth Amendment right to privacy, Mindel v.
 UoS. Civil Service Cormr_ission, 312 Fo Supp. 485 (N.D. Ca!. 1970);
 dismissal of a teacher charged with immorality for sending a
 letter to a former student containing profane language was held
 unconstitutional and the letter to be a private communication
 under the Ninth Amendment, and the teacher reinstatedf Jarvella
 Vo _illou!Lb__,-Eastlake School District, 233 NoEo2d 143 (Ohio
 1967); where evidence is to be presented at a preliminary hearing
 which will not be admissible at trial_ and where publicity will
 make it unlikely that an impartial jury may be selected, or would

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