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 marital privacy appear in the First _endmentr the Third
 Amendment_s prohibition against quartering soldiers '_in any
 house" in time of peace, the Fourth Amendment's express
 affirmation of the _'right of the people to be secure in their
 personsr houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches
 and seizures, '_ the Fifth Amen_ment_s self-incrimination clausef
 and the provisions of the Ninth Amendment, which he quoted in
 full. For the first time since its ratification, the Supreme
 Court held a right was retained by the people under the Ninth
 Mr. Justice Goldberg, in a separate concurring opinions in
 which Chief Justice Warren and Justice Brennan joined,
 extensively analyze the meaning of the Ninth Amendment. Although
 he agreed that the due process concept of liberty protects
 personal rights that are fundamental, and is not confined to the
 specific terms of the Bill of Rights. Goldberg expressly
 clarified that the purpose of his separate opinion was "to
 emphasize the relevance of that Amendment (the Ninth) to the
 Court's holdingo _' 381 U.So at 487° Justice Goldberg briefly
 discussed the legislative history of the Ninth A_en_ment, quoting
 from Madison's statements before the First Congress, Hamilton in
 Federalist Paper Number 84 and from Justice Story's Commentaries
 on the Constitutionl each supportive of a new and important role
 for the Ninth Amendment° He concluded:

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