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 refashioned into the society ordained by Sod in the Bible." GoL.
 Haskins, Law and Authority in Earl_ Massacl]usetts 16 (1968).
 Thus_ the early settlers "adopted the Judicial Laws of Moses
 which were given to the Israelites of Old (and) punished
 Adultery (and Blasphemy, with Death . "Grand Jury
 charge by Hutchinson, C.D. Suffolk Super. (T., March 1768) in J.
 Quincy, Reports of Q4t__e$ Ar_]ed and Ad:L!___ the Superior
 Court of Judicature of %h_ Province of Massachusetts Bay, Between
 1761 and 1722 258-59 (S. Quincy ed. 1865}. "The close bond that
 existed between religious and political thought in the
 seventeenth century was not by any means restricted to
 Puritan thinking." The Puritans believed that God had instituted
 government to save men from their own depravity, and hence that
 civil rulers must be obeyed° "More impor_=antlyr they believed
 that the welfare of the whole was more significant than
 individual advantage, that society was an organism in which each
 part was subordinate to the whole At the same time they
 accepted the principles of contemporary political philosophy
 which prescribed that religion and politics were one. Orthodoxy
 in matters of religion and politics was accepted as axiomatic,
 and hence there was no room for diversity of belief or
 toleration, which was viewed nearly everywhere as
 subversive to morals, to national independence, and to the
 compulsory uniformity essential to preserve both church and

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