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 had originally subscribed to the Constitution at Philadelphia,
 proposed the following be adopted as a replacement for Resolution
 Four, Section i0:
 The enumeration in this Constitution of
 certain rights shall not be construed to deny
 or disparage other rights retained by the
 1 _ 754.
 The words _'this Constitution" were then changed to "the
 Constitution," a comma added after the word "Constitution," and
 the Ninth Amen_nent was adopted in its final form°
 On August 18, 1789, the House of Representatives, as a
 committee of the whole, commenced debate on the proposed
 amendments. The House voted at this time to change Madison's
 proposed method of incorporating the Amendments into the Body of
 the Constitution and decided that they would be added by
 appending them to the Constitution° On August 24_ 1789, the
 House adopted the Articles of _endment_ designating Resolution
 4(10) as Article 15 of seventeen articles° 1 Annal_ 767.
 No records were maintained on the Senate debates on the
 adoption of the Amendments but House Article Fifteen was adopted
 without alteration. Both Houses concurred on twelve amendments
 which were submitted to the states for ratification° Madison's
 Resolution 4(10) had become Article Eleven of the proposed
 amendments° Two proposed amendments failed to obtain

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