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 no effect on the community. "To constitute a valid exercise of
 police power, legislation must not interfere with private
 rights beyond the necessities of the situation°" Noldenv. East
 Cl__eve!and City Commi____s_ion, 232 N°E.2d 421, 425r 12 Ohio Misc. 205
 Thus, the "regulation _' of private moral behavior and values
 is a power which was, by definitions never intended to be granted
 to the federal or state governments when the Constitution was
 established_ and the use of the Starers police power to enforce
 particular moral values is an usurpation of a power and right
 which was intended to be retained by the people within the
 meaning of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.
 Do The legislative history of the Ninth Amendment
 supports an interpretation of the Amendment as
 providing substantive protection for unenumerated
 In the process of the ratification of' the Constitution, the
 defect most successfully attacked by its critics was the absence
 of a bill of rights° Supporters of the Ccnstitution argued that
 any enumeration of rights would necessarily be imperfect and
 would create the inference that no rights existed except those
 itemized. The new government being created was to be one of
 enumerated powers, and as long as no contrary inferences
 prevailed_ it would have no claim of power to interfere with the
 exercise of the citizen's rights. James Wilson_ speaking at the

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