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 From: Jeffrey S_einbern To: NORML DaM: I_'_N Tima: 13:1_:02 Page 1 of 1
 PRESS RELEASE: October i3, 1995
 Ralph Seeley, journalist, lawyer, and cancer patient, has accomplished what no one else
 has done in a quarter century of attempts. Seeley flied a declaratory judgment action in
 Pierce County Superior Court, asking for a ruling that the State Constitution's reliance on
 "fundamental principles" requires that marijua_la be available as a prescription substance.
 This morning, the Honorable Rosegme Buckner, Judge of the Superior Court for Pierce
 Count', agreed. A final order is being prepared.
 Marijuana is currently classified in "schedule I", which means that it cannot be prescribed,
 and that even research into its medical uses is prohibited° Schedule !I drugs, such as
 opium, and cocaine, may be prescribed by doctors in appropriate cases, So may Marinol,
 the pharmaceutical version of THC, the active hlgredient in marijuana. But Marinoi must
 be swallowed, (a difficult if not impossible task 1br a person suffering from the violent
 nausea brought on by chemotherapy), takes over an hour to :ake affect, and cause its user
 to be "stoned" for up to 14 ho_rs° Since efforts to move marijuana to schedule II have
 thundered in recent years, the price of Marinot has skyrocketed. It is now over $5.00 per
 pill. ............
 Lawyers for the State argued that marijuana has no currently accepted medical use.
 Seeley countered that current law absolutely prohibits its use for any purpose, and
 prohibits any research hlto its medical uses. In other words "Catch 22o" He pointed out
 that in 1988 the admilfistrative taw Judge for fl_e DEA, after a year ofintei_sive study and
 hearings, concluded that "marijuana has been accepted as capable of relieving the distress
 of great numbers of very ill people, and doing so with sa_bry under medical supervision°
 It would be tmreasonaMe, arb|trary and caprtdous for DEN to eonthaue to stand
 between those sufferers and the benefits of tPds substance ha light of the evidence
 this record." The DEA chose to ignore this advice, and continues to absolutely refiJse to
 Mlow marijuana to be prescribed, or even to allow reseaa-ch i_ato its medical uses. This
 court decision has the effect of hakkqg the issue of medical marijuaana out of the hands of
 law enfbrcement, and placing it h_to the hands of doctors.
 Seeley' moving argument contained numerous references to his own experiences as a
 cancer patient, forced to choose between breaking the taw and enduring unendurable
 For more i_fformation contact RaINy Seeley at 206-383=3434_
 If Mr. Seeley is not available, contact Jeff Steinborn, 206-622-5117

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