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 amicus applicants, to ensure that the amic__s
 briefs raised different arguments; ands the pre-
 existing vacation plans of under-signed counsel
 (working pro bonq on this case).
 For the __q_qs-Applicant NORML
 Michael Do Cutler Jeffrey Steinborn
 LAWSON & WEITZEN Smith Tower-Floor 30
 425 Summer Streets 5th Floor 506 Second Avenue
 Boston_ MA 02210_1736 Seattle, WA 98104
 Tel. (617) 439-4990 Tel_ (206) 622-5117
 Attorneys for NORML
 Certificate of Service: I hereby certify that on
 this date, a true copy of this document was served
 by over-night mail on Ralph Seeley_ Esq. g Law
 Offices of Neil J. Hoff_ 252 Broadway_ Tacoma WA
 98402; Assistant AG Melissa A. Burke_Cain, P.O.
 Box 40109, 905 Plum Street: Building 3_ Olympia
 WA 98504-0109; Kevin J. Hamilton, Esq., PERKINS-
 COIE_ 1201 Third Avenues 40th Floort Seattle WA
 98101-3099; ands Gregory J. Kopta, Esqo_ DAVIS-
 WRIGHT, 2600 Century Square, 1501 Fourth Avenue_
 Seattle WA 98101-1688.
 Dated: September 17_ 1996
 Michael Do Cutler

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