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 operation); and, raising significant tax revenue
 from commercial adult distribution°
 NORML has frequently appeared as an a_icus
 and a party in litigation (appeilant's brief cites
 _ORML Vo Bell_ 488 FoSuppo 123 [D.D.C_ 19803)_
 concerning marijuana=regulation issues including
 health care, criminal prosecutions and civil
 forfeiture proceedings. In March of this year,
 NORML_s founder and current Interim Executive
 Director (RQ Keith Stroups Esqo) testified before
 the UoS. Congress on the subject of national drug
 policy, at the invitation of Rep. Bill McCollum of
 Florida, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee's
 Sub-committee on Crime°
 Under-signed counsel is a member in good
 standing of the Massachusetts state bar (Mass.
 BBO# 110940) and the local federal district court
 (D. Mass.), and has been for over twenty-one
 years° I co-chair the _/_icu_s Curiae sub-
 committee, of the nearly 300 attorney-member
 National Legal Committees of NORML® I appear, as
 required by Rule 10_6(a), in association with an

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