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 NORML is a non-profit educational
 organization established in 1970. Headquartered
 in Washingtone D.Co_ NORML has 56 state and local
 affiliate organizations from Alaska to
 Massachusetts_ including a chapter based in
 Bellingham_ Washington.
 NO_4L identifies the actual harm caused today
 by the 1937 criminalization of marijuana
 possession (legislation opposed then by the
 American Medical Association)_ to be immeasurably
 greater than the potential harm from re-
 legalization of this properly controlled (but
 improperly banned) substance. NORML supports the
 repeal of criminal and civil penalties, for
 private adult possession and personal adult use.
 NORML believes regulation is the inevitable
 replacement of the current prohibition (which has
 been no more successful than the repealed Alcohol
 Prohibition)_ with the objectives of: Reducing
 adolescent access; discouraging abuse; protecting
 public health and safety (including the
 maintenance of penalties for impaired automobile

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