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 The National Organization for the Reform of
 Marijuana Laws (NORML) moves_ pursuant to the
 state Rules of Appellate Procedure I0.6 for
 permission to file the amicus q!_ia_ brief (am_
 briefs hereafter) enclosed herewith. As grounds
 therefor_ the applicant for 9__igus curiae
 permission (amicus-applicant, hereafter) states
 1. NORML is familiar with the issues involved
 and scope of argument presented by the
 parties (whether the state law, rendering
 marijuana unavailable for lawful prescription
 to a terminally-ill patient [the plaintiff-
 appellee] is unconstitutional, as found by
 the trial court)_ and,
 2. the additional argument presented in the
 enclosed brief is necessary to adjudicating
 the foregoing issues and argumentsu because
 the amicus brief will assist the appellate
 courtr in deciding the complex issues of
 public interest, crucial to the resolution of
 this case.

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