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 statute_s schedule I classification failed to
 NORML asserts that the basis and effect of
 the invalidated lawSs schedule I classification
 (preventing the prescription of marijuana to the
 terminally-ill), however_ are rationally bankrupt.
 Any connection between the lawns ban on marijuana
 for the terminally-ill_ and a legitimate state
 interest, cannot survive even the low t_mere
 rationality _ test.
 Ao Th_ Challenqed Classif_catlon_
 MariJuana's Placement _n Schedule _
 Thereby Preventing _ts Use by Terminally
 111 Patients
 The legislature°s decision to place marijuana
 in schedule I prevents its use as a medication,
 even for terminally ill patients under a doctorSs
 supervision. The trial court found the patientSs
 right to alleviate his paine outweighed the
 State's interest in '_protecting '_ the public from
 marijuana, by preventing its medical use. NORML
 argues that this denial of medication to dying
 patients is totally senseless and irrational.
 Dying, and healthier patients, have access to
 medication far more dangerous than marijuana. For

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