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 Our world is not perfect, but it is a
 constitutional democracy where judges are
 empowered and obligated to protect citizens from
 unreasonable legislative interference, with the
 universal human right to relieve pain and
 suffering° The StateSs 'imperfect world s view is
 colored by its irrational fear, that medicating
 the dying can somehow (rationally) harm the
 The Court is better advised to reject such
 emotional assessments_ and to be guided instead by
 a dispassionate_ reasoned view of the interests at
 stake in this case.
 We are faced today with a high-pitched
 public debate [on criminal justice
 policy]s where emotions play a more
 significant role than ideas. Where
 bumper-sticker themes are more
 important, than policy papers. Where
 reason and evidence have taken a back
 seat, to anecdotes and innuendo.
 Washington State Attorney General
 christine O. Gregoire, w, Crime and
 Politics in the 1990s: Creating a
 Demand for New Policies_ _ Feb. 16_ 1996.
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