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 terminally-ill: Why should the State of
 Washington blindly follow the leader?
 In any events every jurisdiction has not done
 so. Since 1981, the District of Columbia has
 classified marijuana as a schedule V drug (the
 lowest level of drug control, for substances
 having the least dependence liability of all
 controlled drugs, and having an accepted medical
 use): D.C. Codes sec. 522(2)° Many states_
 including Washington (RCW 69.51.080)_ classify
 marijuana as a schedule II drug when used
 medicinally pursuant to a state's therapeutic
 research program: Iowa Coder sec. 124_204(4)(m)
 and !24.206(7)(a)_ Montana Code, sec.
 50-32-222(3); New Mexico Stato_ SeCo 30-31-3; and,
 TermŽ Code, sec. 39-17-408(b) (6) (B).
 Also, several states allow medicinal
 possession and use of marijuana, as an affirmative
 defense of medical necessity to a criminal
 possession prosecutions including Washington
 State: _tate v. Cole_ 74 Wn_Appo 571, 578_ reVo
 den. 125 Wn.2d i012, 874 P.2d 878 (1994); Jenks v.

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