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 remained stable; LSD use has remained constant for
 20 years, while marijuana use has fluctuated
 The ACLU observes at 16-17 in its brief, that
 a terminally ill patient can order the removal of
 life-supports or engage in physician-assisted
 suicide: Curzan v. Dir°_ MR. Dept. of Health, 497
 uos. 261 (1990); Q_Q_passioni__yinq v.
 Washington, 79 F.3d 790 (9 Cir. 1996, en bane);
 Quill v. Vacco, 80 Fo3d 716 (2 Ciro 1996). Thuss
 what rational_basis does the State have for
 denying that same dying patient the ability to
 improve his quality of life (instead of ending
 it), by banning his access to the undisputed pain-
 relieving effects of marijuana?
 4_ There is no nation_wide uniformity
 in drug scheduling, to rationally
 support the withholding of
 effective medicine from a
 terminally-ill patient
 If every other jurisdiction in the country
 decided, in the name of demagoguery or other
 similar policy, that some rationale existed for
 denying a form of effective medical relief to the

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