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 a threat of developing future drug abuse
 problems. '© As argued above in section B1 above,
 temporary memory loss and lung cancer are not
 rational risks to a patient dyir_ of bone cancer.
 Temporary memory loss may be the patient's
 objective in using marijuana. As this case
 demonstratess marijuana does not; necessarily
 impede adult productivity.
 Can the State persuade this Court s that
 marijuana use by the terminally ill reasonably
 risks a '_gateway _' effect to more abusive drugs
 (than chemo-therapy?)? A few undisputed facts
 demonstrate the irrationality of marijuana's
 "gateway _ effect, even for the non-terminally ill.
 The Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse (a
 Prohibitionist group) reports since 1991 show a
 steady increase in marijuana use, while cocaine
 use has remained steady (and much lower);
 similarly, it_reports (but fails to publicize)
 that 83% of marijuana users never go on to use
 National Survey reports show that. during the
 1980's_ while marijuana use declined, heroin use

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