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 The FBISs 1994 Uniform Crime Report reveals
 4S2,000 marijuana arrests nation-wide, up 26% from
 1993. Over ten million Americans have been
 arrested for marijuana-related offenses, according
 to the same sources_ since 1965_ The federal
 Department of Justice reports that the national
 prison population more than doubled from 1985 to
 1995_ and that the percentage of drug offense
 prisoners has risen during that time from under
 i0% to over 25% of the prison population. The
 1996 National Survey recently reported an increase
 in juvenile marijuana use of 33%_ between 1994 and
 If arrest and imprisonment are useless _Drug
 War '_ weapons: By what reasoning does denying
 medicinal marijuana to the terminally ill advance
 the State interest in reducing marijuana's illicit
 5_ Specious allegations of marijuana,s
 harm (cancers memory_ hard drug
 gateway) provide no rational basis
 for denying proven relief to a
 terminally-ill patient
 As argued by the ACLU at page 19 of its
 brief: e'Terminally ill patients . . . hardly pose

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