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 supply federally-grown marijuana to the eight
 surviving participants of the Compassionate
 Investigative New Drug programs which began in
 1978 and closed in 199io The State's purity
 "concern _' is bogus°
 2. Illicit availability and use by
 Juveniles have not been noticeably
 a_feoted by schedule I
 The idea that a terminally ill patient should
 endure unrelenting and immobilizing pain, as a
 means to somehow deny someone else recreational
 drug use, is non-sensical in theory and totally
 ineffective in reality_ The government's
 Mississippi farm has operated for 22 years (and
 its Indiana farm for nearly 6 years), with
 sufficient safeguards against illicit use or theft
 to encourage the continued operation of those
 There is no rational basis for connecting
 access by terminally ill patients to medicinal
 marijuana, with any effect on marijuana's illicit
 availability generally, and juvenile access in
 particular, crime statistics prove this point
 beyond reasonable dispute°

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