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 University of Mississippies School of Pharmacy
 (Profo Mahmoud E1-SohlySs Research Institute of
 Pharmaceutical Sciences) to operate the Potency
 Monitoring Project (PMP), using federally-seized
 marijuana from around the count_. In PMP's
 reports for (and between) 1982 and 1993, annual
 marijuana potency was measured at 3.05% THe (the
 psycho-active ingredient in marijuana) and 3.32%
 (with a high during the period of 3o36%, and a low
 ii _
 _:_ of 2.39%) .
 Passing the statistics, the potency myth is
 an obvious lie. How could the mysteries of
 potencys for a plant cultivated over 5,000 years_
 be solved in 15 years by amateur' farmers furtively
 experimenting with small plantings? Thus_ the
 issue of variable potency has no basis in fact.
 If the State is genuinely concerned about the
 purity of Ralph Seeleyes undisputedly effective
 medicines it has a rational alternative to banning
 all access to marijuana_ Puree medicinal-quality
 marijuana is grown for the federal government at
 the University of Mississippi, and the University
 of Indiana° The Mississippi farm continues to

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