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 of all legal alternatives)_ based on fears that:
 Marijuana from an uncertains or known but illegal
 source, may contain impurities; or, has a
 significantly and unpredictable variable potency.
 Ralph Seeley is dying from cancers and
 nothing can save him; marijuana makes the end of
 his life not only dramatically more bearable, but
 (if this litigation is evidence) productive° What
 is an articulable suspicion of harm, worse than
 his terminal disease, from which the stateOs ban
 on medicinal marijuana will protect Ralph? What
 possible side-effect of impure marijuana use is
 worse than being left W_curled in. a fetal position
 on the floor, covered in my own vomit and
 excrement [Seeley's Declaration, Ex. B; Clerk's
 Papers, 83-84]_ _' caused by his life-extending
 The former White House _'Drug Czars_" and
 other federal government officials (who would know
 better if they read the governmentes own records)
 have spread the _'blood libels _' that the potency of
 marijuana is dramatically higher now than it was
 '_in the Sixties. '_ NIDA contracts with the

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