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 therapeutic agent in marijuana, synthesized as the
 schedule XI drug Marinol)_ having "a highly
 variable chemical composition; _' and, to enhance
 the 'Ipurity and predictability of all medicinal
 drugs [appellant-State's brief at 28-31]; _'
 (2) controlling _'drug availability [ido at 32]_"
 (3) marijuana's '_significant potential for abuse
 outside of [sic] any medical setting . . . linked
 to cancer and short term memory loss o . . clearly
 a stepping stone to more serious problems
 [cocaine; id. at 34];"
 (4) and, a perceived value in the "nationwide
 uniformity '_ of drug scheduling [id, at 38-39].
 None of these objectives are rationally
 served by marijuanaes schedule X classification,
 rather than its scheduling at a level that would
 enable the terminally ill to obtain marijuana's
 remedial effects.
 Io Drug purity and predictability are
 not enhanced_ by schedule I,s ban
 on medical access by termlnally-ill
 The State supports criminalizing access by
 the terminally-ill_ to what often is their only
 remedy to intractable pain (after the exhaustion

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