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 life, but less than 3% used it within the last
 week° An estimated seventy million Americans have
 tried marijuana (including the President and Vice_
 President of the United States and the Speaker of
 the House of Representatives) without a
 significant change in the use of more dangerous
 drugs° Thus, there is no support for a rational
 fear that any marijuana use is addictive.
 If a state decides to deny all access to a
 medicine that, the unrefuted trial court evidence
 found to have a substantial benefit to the quality
 of Ralph Seeley_s life (including his capacity to
 successfully litigate this case): It must have at
 least a rational basis for doing so (unless a
 higher standard of state interest evaluation
 applies)° _y of Cleburne v_ Cleburne Living
 Centers Inc., 473 UoS. 432, 448, 105 S.Ct. 3249,
 87 L.Ed.2d 313 (1985) o
 ° e
 B. The Statets Promosed Leqit_matj
 Xnterests_ Alleqed tO be Ratlo_ally
 Furthered, b? Mariiuana_s Schedule X
 The State's brief identifies several
 rationales for marijuana_s schedule X placement:
 (I) Protecting patients from vegetative THC (the

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