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 ® Based on the rationale set out [in 12 pages of Findings of Fact], the
 administrative law judge concludes that...marijuana "has a currently
 accepted medical use in treatment in the United States °_ for spasficity
 resuIting from multiple scIerosis and other causes. It would be
 unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious to find otherwise_ z5
 With 68 pages of such findings and conclusions provided by the DEA
 itseff, v_ualty anyone with a disease fisted in Judge Young's opinion will
 have no problem providing the "corroborating medical testimony" _quired to
 meet the test under State_. Di nanananananananana_%
 In addition, both NORML and ACT have compiled libraries of
 research papers showing the unquestioned efficacy and growing acceptance
 of marijuana by the medicaI commumtyo For exampIe, in 11990, Richard
 DobIin, a student at Harvard's Kennedy Schoot of Government, and Mark
 Kleiman, a teacher at the same school, performed a scientific, anonymous
 survey of one half of the oncologists practicing in the United States, and
 discovered that either a majority or a substantial minority of physicians either
 have recommend the illegal use of marijuana, or would prescribe it if it were
 availaNe, for control of chemotherapy-induced nausea._
 So I and thousands of other sick and even terminally itl people in
 Washington are ie a unique legal position. We may posses less than 40
 gram_ of marijuana without fear of prosecution, but we must obtain it from
 persons committing crimes m seI1 (or _'deliver °°) it to USo In reaFity, since the
 person with the disease is incapacitated, it is the family, friends and loved
 ones who are put in jeopardy. We have no way to obtain the drug with any
 assurance that it is not adulterated, except to grow it o_selves, which soon
 results in possession of amounts that create a presumption of intent to
 "manufacture" and deliver, a felony° That in turn can lead to losing real or
 personal property through civil forfeit_e lawsY Also_ _SS_ate v. Diana does
 a5 _ page 54.
 Marijuana_s Anfiemetic Value: A Survey of Oncologists° Richard DoNin_ 23A Shaler La_e_
 Cambridge MA 02I 38°
 27 Time and resource restraints preclude serious research on how often _his happens, but I have anecAotal
 evidence that it does. O_e anecdote comes from a fellow student in the class for which this paper is
 written, who _ells me _at her father represenWA a m_ in Longview who iost his home because he was
 growh_g plants m help fight his disease. Another smder_t in the same class tells me of aM-ridden Army
 veteran who was growing a single plant during his terminal il.l_es_. The police k_ew they would get no
 cxmviction, so they simply _ook his Nant away°

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