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 More irony yet: The resulting "Ngh" from the tablets last from i0 to 14
 hours, where a typical smoker's high will be gone in three or four hours, at
 most° Thus a cancer patient Wing to lead a reasonably normal life, even if
 not too sick to gain the benefit of medicine by mouth, faces another choice:
 Take the legal drug and go to work high the next morning, or use the illegaI
 drug to get to sleep, and go to work with a fully functioning brain.
 This is simply not the son of decision that society reasonably should
 force on some of its sickest and most desperate members as they deal with
 their fife-threatening diseases. The law as it stands is a monument to the
 hysteria and pseudoscience that has led to the irrational "war on drugs°" Ii
 also stands as a monument to the adage that squeaky wheels get greased;
 most of the people affected by this irrational policy first decide to violate the
 law and be @et about it (for obvious reasons), and then they die. 4 The
 voices raised for their cause emit very small squeaks to bring the attention of
 the government's grease gun.
 The law is clearly irrational, and sho_dd be changed forthwith.
 This paper analyzes possible avenues for a legat attack in the state
 courts, taking advantage of the differences between the state and federai
 constitutions. This, alas, amounts to an exercise in legal/constitutional
 analysis only; the entire rr_tter is _mofficially scheduled, at this date, to be
 resolved by president-elect Bill Clinton, who, the semi-official ramor circuit
 has it, witl abolish the administrative prohibition of the use of marijuana for
 legitimate medical therapy.
 The attempts to use the federal administrative law system to have
 marijuana reclassified from Schedule I (prohibited) to Schedule U
 (prescribable by physicians) would make one think that a Franz Kafka novel
 got crossed with "Alice in Wonderland." A very condensed summary looks
 like this: 5
 4 There are no former AIDS patient, except Nose who me dead. Cancer sfilt kitls roughly 50 percent of
 the persons diagnosed.
 5 Most of this tist is compited from a NORML publication with a missing cover sheet.

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