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 As noted in the _ case itself, the state co_fitufion's guarantee of
 privacy in article 1, §7, grants greater protection from intrusion by the
 government than the fourth amendment of the federal constitution° Though
 often referred to as "parallel" provisions, and both having led to volurvfinous
 analysis of search and seizure law, as noted by a leading scholar on the
 subject, they have exacdy five words in common: "no," %e," "in," "or," and
 _'of "57
 The federal constitution's fight to privacy invoMng health and medical
 matters was found in a "penumbra" emanating from the specific guarantees of
 the first_ fourti_, fifth, ninth and fourteenth arnendmentso 5_ Even before the
 delineation of greater privacy protection under state constitutional analysis in
 in I986, Washington's courts developed a history of affording a
 large measure of privacy in medicalfnealth matters, including the right to
 dieJ 9 and the right of a minor to an abortion without notification or consent of
 others. _o In a case dealing with anti-abortion picketing rights, decided in the
 same month as D.LmwNjL the court noted that "The right of privacy dictates
 protection of... the physician's right to freely practice medicine and pegorm
 legal abortions without coercive outside restraints. °_6_
 The flaw with ,Ms legal attack is obvious: The right of privacy protects
 the relationship between a physician and patient in performing !ega!
 procedures. Possession of marijuana is illegal by stamteo Thus, m prevail, a
 plaintiff would first have m reach "legality" of the use of the drug for
 therapeutic purposes. The right of privacy would then be moot.
 B. ProhibitiQ____gNLgg cruel punishment.
 The eighth amendment of the federal constitution prohibits "cruel and
 unusual" p unishrnent. Article I, § 14 of the Washington constitution states
 that "creel punishment" shall not be inflicted. The Supreme Court of
 Washington has held that the state's provision provides broader protection
 than the U°So Supreme Court has provided under the federal constitution's
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