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 Bill ZZillimns, ct_ef of the health division in the Attorney CGeneral's
 Office, said yesterday the slate would appeal ,Judge Rosanne Buckner's
 Seeley said if he wins the case in the Supreme Court, ile hopes that
 Attorney General Christine Gregoire would adopt his position and seek
 m overturn the federal ban on the medicinal u_e of marijuapm.
 As long as the federal ban is in ptace, Seeley would have no way of filling
 a physician's prescription for marijuana.
 Still, advocates of legalizing the medicinal use of the drugwere
 overjoyed yesterday.
 '_[t's rnm_-elous," said Joanna McKee, 52, a Bainbridge Island woman
 involved in Green Cross, a group that he]ps people with chronic or
 terminal illnesses obtain marij_nmna. McKee who uses a wheelchair
 because of a spinal cord injury-, has been cha_ged with felony violation of
 drug laws. ............
 "It makes (law enforcement) look bad putting sick people in jail," she
 Seattle attorney Jeff Steinborm. who has represented patients seeking to
 use marijuana, also wes elated.
 Buckner balanced the benefits to Seeley against the state's interest in
 mamtaimng the ban and _bund in his favor, observers said.
 The eftect of her decision is to make marijuana a Schedule II drug, like
 opium, morphine, cocaine and other drtNs that are tightly controlled
 bt_t can be prescribed by physicians for medical proposes°
 Seeley has had eight spinal surgeries, radiation therapy, chemotherapy
 and removal of a king. He is scheduled to have _mother stmgery soon.
 He told the court that after chemotsherapy treatments, he experienced
 hours of agony after which he l_%v on the floor in ihis own vomit and
 excrement unable to smmnon help.
 State law allots physicians to prescribe capsules of

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