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 WWan_._ _ _0_474-196_ - C_: _.u__, Oe_oh_ _. 199E 9:44 AM - Page 9 o{
 November. In it, he asked that the state law that forbids the
 prescription of marijuana be overturned.
 It was absurd to classify marijuana with drugs such as LSD and heroin -
 dr_Igs that govermnent considers to have no therapeutic use and a high
 potential for abuse, Seeley said. But the same state la_ allow doctors to
 pre scribe - and scientists to study - cocaine, morphine, barbitnrates,
 amphetamines and opium, he said.
 "It came down to my rights as an individual to have the medicine I need
 when Im nndergoing chemotherapy.., versus the state's right to
 control dangerous drr.Ns," Seeley said.
 .................................. END .......................................
 State marijuana ban ruled
 cmc ons t i tit1; i onal
 Seattle Post-Intelligencer ......'%
 Saturday, October 14, 1995
 A Pierce Co_mty Superior Court judge sturmed lawyers and obsercers in
 her court room yesterday" when she ruled that the state's ban on
 marij___ana use for medicinal p_n_poses is unconstitutional.
 Even the lawyer who represented himself had not expected to win.
 "I assmned I would be appeanng it, said Ralph ,_eeley, 45, a Tacoma
 lawyer with tennmai bone cancer. "But I won Fm still in a state ot
 Seeley and the state Attorney General's Office had agreed to seek a
 declaratory judgment in Superior Comet as to whether the state's
 classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug .- meaning it cannot be
 prescribed for medical proposes - violates the state constitution.
 They agreed in advance that the losing party wo_zM seek direct review
 of the decision in the state Supreme Cour_.

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