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 10/15/&995 $8:89 5189493974 AGOGINO PAGE 82/85
 "There's a crack in the door now, a crack hn the shell and [ think it's
 going to spread."
 '"It, is monstrous to S_LV this substance ca.m_ot be used as a l_nedic._ne by
 people who are d_ng)' he added. "I cha|Ienge an}, federal official to
 come and debate tile wisdom of this,"
 Seeley has undergc_te eil_,ht suz_eries on his spine, two lung surgeries -
 fncluding the remcrval of one lung- radiation e:a]d several bouts of
 chemotherapy. He faces another surgery next month.
 [nltia}Jy, the chevnotherap¥ affected him so terribly that he considered
 stopping it altogether and letting the disease rim its courser Seeley
 wrote in a brief to the cc_ur_.
 [}ut at the suggestion of a doctor and severai cancer patients, he smoked
 some rnamjuana before a bout of chemotherapy.
 "The result was overvchetming," Seel_v _TOte. "_¥ithout smoking ......... :'::
 maruumla, the plaintiffs suffering included hours of agony ending x_qth
 minutes of helpJessb I/4ng in his vorrut and excrement.
 "After smok/ng rnarijuana, the _'egimen of" d_e_noLherapy resulted in a
 _[[d|y uncomfortable hour followed by a restful night's sleep."
 A]though a ss_nthetic form of the drug is ava_/r_le_ it didn't work #br
 hhn, Seelttv _._Tote hi Cou% docutt%ents.
 "The relief%{_s not as effective and the side effects were much more
 Doubling," he said.
 The synthe_¢ form of marijuana takes two to four hours to take effect,
 vs, five to ]0 minutes by smoking; Seeley sa/d. Additionel_}% even the
 lowest dose of the _eclicine caused a debilitating h_% that: lasted abot_
 14 hours, corn p_-ed to fou-r or five hours a_e£ smoking marijum1_a.
 Last, it _s often impossible to .swallow the pills of the s_a_thetic form
 whi}e he was racked by nausea from chemotherapy, he said.
 Seeley, a former News Tribune colu_rnmst, filed his lawsuit :::

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