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 It is recommended that the proposed findings a__d conclusions submitted by
 the;parties to the law judge be rejected by the Administr'ator
 except to the extent they are included in tffose, hereinafter set forth; for the
 reason that they are irrelevant or unduly repetitious or not supponted by a
 preponderance of the evidence. 2_ CoF.R.  _316.65(a)('_)_
 As noted above, the agreed issues are as follows:
 Principle issue:
 Whether the marijuana plant, considered as a whole, may
 lawfully be transferred from Schedule [ to Schedule [[ of
 the schedules established by the Controlled Substances Act.
 Subsidiary issues:
 I. Whether the marijuana plant has a currengly accepted
 medical use in treatment i_ the United States, or a
 currently accepted medical use with sew_are restrictions.
 2. Whether there is a lack of accepted safety for use of
 .o the marijuana p_ant under medical supervision.

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