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 to Schedule II will_send a signal _ that marijuana is "OK" generally for
 _.T o"
 r'ecreationa_ use. This argument is specious° It presentS'no valid reason for
 refraining from taki-ng a_ action, by law in light o{the.evidence. If
 ,. mar._jdana should be placed in Schedule l:,in obedience to _he iaw, then that is
 : o where :marijuana should be placed, regardless of misinterpretation of the place-
 • ® .
 ment 5y some. The reasons for the placement can, and should, be clearly explain
 at the time the action is taken. -The fear of sending such a signal cannot be
 permitted to pverr_de the legitimate need, amply demonstrated in this record, of
 countless suffers for the relief marijuana can provide when prescribed by a
 physician in a legitimate case.
 The evidence :in this record clearly shows that marijuana has been accepted
 as capable of relieving the distress of great numbers of very ill people, and
 doing so with safety under medical supervision° £t would be unreasonable_
 arbitrary and capricious for DEA t;o continue to stand between those sufferers
 and the benefits of this substance in light of tF, e evidence in this record.
 The administrative _aw judge recommends that: the Administrator conclude
 thaithe marijuana plant considered as a whole has a currently accepted medicai
 use in treatment in the.United States, that therE: is no lack of accepted safet._
 for use of :C under medical supervision and that it may lawfu_Iy be transferre(-
 from Schedule I to Schedule fin The judge recommends that the Admin_strator
 transfer marijuana from Schedule : to Schedule :I.
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