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 tific and medicalofindings and reco_nendations on scheduling. DEA did so and
 HHS has responded_ In a letter dated April ], ]986 {he then-Acting Deputy
 Administrator of DEA requested this. administratiVe law judge tO commence hearing
 procedures as to t_he proposed rescheduling of marijuana and its components.
 -_ After the judge conferred with counsel foc NORML and DEA, a notice was
 published in the Federal Register on:June 24, 198G announcing that hearings
 would be held on NORML's petition for the rescheduling of marijuana and its
 components commencing on August 2l, ]986 and giving any interested person who
 desired to participate the opportunity to do so. 51 Fed. Reg. 22946 (1986).
 Of the three original petitioning organizations in 7972 only NORML is a
 party to the present proceeding° In addition the fo_1owing entities responded
 to the Federal Register notice and have become parties, participating to varying
 degrees: the Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics (ACT), Cannabis Corporation of
 America (CCA) and Car] Eric Olsen_ all seeking transfer of marijuana to Schedule
 If; the Agency, National Federation of Parents For Drug-Free Youth (NFP) and the
 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)., aI_ contending that
 marijuana should remain in Schedule I.
 . Preliminary prehearing sessions were held c,n August 21 and December 5,
 1986 and on February 20, ]987. 3 During the preliminary stages, on January 20,
 1987, NORML flied an amended petition for rescheduling. This new petition aban-
 doned NORML's previous requests for the complete de-scheduling of marijuana or
 rescheduling to Schedule Vo It asks only that marijuana be placed in Schedule
 ; At a preheating conference on February 20, _987 1;his amended petition was
 3 Transcripts ofithese three preliminarypreheating sessions are included in
 the record.

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