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 The gist .of the Agedcy's case against recognizing marijuana's acceptance as
 = safe is toassertothat more studies, more. Cests are needed. The Agency has
 -presented highly qualified.and respecCed expe/Lts,, reseaFchers and others, who_
 hold-that view. But, as demonstrate_ i.h the discuss:ion in Section °Vabove_ it
 is unrealistic and unreasonab| require unanimity, of. open,on on the question
 confronting us. For°the: reasons there indicated, a. ccep_ance by a significant
 minority of doctors is all that can reasonably be required° This record makes
 it abundant!y clear that such acceptance exists in the United States,
 .Findings are made above with respect to the safety of medically supervised
 use of!marijuana by glaucoma patients. Those findings are relevant to the safety
 issue even though the administrative _aw judge does not find accepted use in
 treatment of glaucoma to have been shown.
 Based upon the facts established in this record and set out above one must
 reasonably conclude that there is accepted safety for use of marijuana under
 medical supervision. To conclude otherwise, on thi,s record, would be unreasonable:
 arbitrary and capricious.
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