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 • use of these chemicals agents. Despite these high risks, all-of these drugs art
 considered '_safe" for use under medical supervision and are regu]arly administered
 to patients on doctor's orders in the United States .today.
 18. There have been occasional instances of panic react_on in patient_
 who have smoked marijuana,. These. have occurred _n marijuana=naive persons, _ -
 usua_ly older persons, who are extremely anxious over the. forthcoming chemotherapy.
 and troubled over the illegality of their having obtained the marijuana. Such
 persons have responded _o simple person_to-person co_unication with a doctor
 and have sustained no long term mental or physical damage. If marijuana could
 be legally obtained, and administered i_ an open, medically-supervised session.
 rather than surreptitiously, the few instances of such adverse reaction doubtless
 would be reduced in number and severity.
 19. Other reported side effects of marijuana have been minimal. Seda-
 tion often results. Sometimes mild euphoria is experienced. Short periods of
 increased pulse rate and of dizziness are occasiona_ly experienced. Marijuana
 should not be used by persons anxious or depressed or psychotic or with certain
 other health problems. Physicians could readily screen out such patients _F
 marijuana were being an agent under medical supervision°
 20. All drugs have "side effects" and all drugs used in medicine for
 their therapeutic benefits have unwanted, unintended, sometimes adverse effects.
 21. In medical treatment "safety" is a relative term° A drug deemed
 "safe" for use in treating a life-threatening disease might be °'unsafe" if pre-
 scribed for a patient with a minor ailments The concept of drug "safety" is
 relative. Safety is measured against the consequences a patient would confront i
 in the absence of therapy. The determination of safe=y .is made in terms of
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