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 active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis., marijuana
 can. be safely used within a supervised routine-of medical-care.
 ._ -- _7. Some.of..the drugs most w_dely_used in chemotherapy treatment of
 • cancer have adverse •effects as follows:
 Ci_]atin, one of tiie most powerful chemq-
 therapeulc agents used..on humans - may cause deafness;
 may lead to life-threatening kidney difficulties .and
 kidney failure; adversely affects the body's ifmmune
 system, suppressing the patient's ability to fight a
 host of comn_n infections.
 Nitrogen Mustard, a drug used in therapy for
 Hodgki_ d-_-_se _ n_'seates; so toxic to the skin
 that, if dropped on the skin, this chemica| literally
 eats it away along with other tissues it contacts; if
 patient's intravenous lead slips during treatment and
 this drug gets on or under the skin the patienC may
 suffer serious _njury including temporary, and in-
 extreme cases, permanent, _oss of use of the a_.
 Procarbizine, also used for Hodgkins disease -
 has known psychogenic, i_e., emotional, effects.
 Cytoxin, also known as Cyc]ophospiianide
 suppresses patient's immune system response; results
 in serious bone marrow'depletion; studies indicate
 this drug may also cause other cancers,
 cancers of the bladder.
 Adr#amycan, has numerous adverse effects; is
 diff_cuTt to employ in long term therapies because it
 destroys the heart muscle.
 While each of these agents has its particular adverse effects, as indicated
 above, they also cause a number of similar, disturbing adverse effects. Most of
 these drugs cause hair IOSSo Studies increasingly indicate all of these drugs
 may cause otheQ forms of cancer. Death due to kidney, heart or respiratory
 failure is a very real possibility with all of these.agents and the margin for
 error is minima]. Sim#!ar_iy, there is a danger Ofooverdosing a patient weakened
 by his cancer. :Put simply, there is very-great risk associated with the medical
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