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 Unlike Valium, which only masked his symptoms and caused him to feel drunk end
 out of control, marijuana brought his spasmodic condition under control without
 impairing his facultieso Whenhe was smoking marijuana regul.arly he was more
 active, alert and outgoing.
 35_ Mar_juan_ controlled hisspasms so w,e_l thatBranstetter could go
 outwith friends and he began to play billiards again. The longer he smoked
 marijuana the more he was able to use his arms and hands. Marijuana also
 improved his bladder control and bowel movements.
 36. At times the _1]egal marijuana Branstetter was smoking became very
 expensive and sometimes was unavai]able_ During periods when he did not have
 marijuana his spasms would return, preventing Branstetter from living a "normal"
 life. He would begin fie shake uncontrellably, his body would feel tense, and
 his muscles would spasm.
 37. In _979 Branstetter was arrested and (:onvicted of possession of
 marijuana. He was placed on probation for two years. During that petted he
 continued smoking marijuana and truthfully reportd this, and the reason for it,
 to his probation officer whenever asked about its No action was taken against
 Branstetter by the court or probation authorities because of his continuing use
 of marijuana, except once #n the wake of his publicly testifying about _t before
 the Missouri legislature. Then, although adverse acl;_on was threatened by the
 judge, nothing was actually done.
 38. I_ 1981 8ranstetter and a friend, a paraplegic, participated in a
 research study testing the therapeutic effects of synthetic THC on spasticityo
 Placed on the THC Branstetter found that it did help control his spasms but
 appeared to became less effective with repeated use. A_so,_unlike marijuana, "

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