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 certai_}y was - there _as a drastic decrease in Rosenfe]d's need for such drugs
 as Oi]a_did and Oemerol and for s]eepi.ngpjlls° The quality of pain relief
 which followed his smoking of-marijuana was superior to any he had experienced
 before, i As his •dosages of powerfu]._conventiona] drugs decreased, Rosenfeld
 betame less withdrawn from the world, more: able to interact andfunction. So he
 has continued to the present time.
 32. After some time Rosenfeld_s doctor accepted the fact that the
 marijuana _as therapeutica]]y helpful to Rosenfeld and submitted an INO app!_-
 cation to FDA to obtain supplies of _t legally for Rosenfe]do The doctor has
 insisted, however, that he not be publicly _dentif_ed. After some effort the
 !N0 app]icat_on was granted. Rosenfe_d _s receiving supplies of marijuana from
 l_IOA. Rosenfeld testified before a committee of the Virginia legislature in
 about ]979 in support of legislation to make marijuana available for therapeutic
 purposes in that State.
 33° In ]969, at age ]9, Oav_d 8ranstetter dove _to the shallow end of
 a swimming pool and broke his neck. He became a quadraplegic, losing control
 over the movement of his arms and legs. After being hosF_ita]_zed for 18 months
 he returned home. Val_um was prescribed for him to reduce the severe spasms
 associated with his co_d_tio_. He became mildly addicted to Val_um. Although
 _t helped mask his spasms, it made Branstetter more withdrawn and less able to
 take care of himself. He stopped taking Va]ium for fear of the consequences of
 long-term_addiction. His spasms then became uncontrollable, often becoming so
 bad they would throw him from his wheelchair.
 _4. In about _973 Bra_stetter began smoking marijuana recreationally.
 He discovered that his Severe spasms stopped whenever he smoked marijuana°
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