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 without experiencing pain. Working in h_s furniture store-in Portsmouth,
 V_rginia,Nr. Rosenfeld was on his feet moving furniture all day-long_ The
 lifting and walking caused serious problems: as muscles and tissues rubbecl over
 the spurs of bone. He Core muscles and hemorrhaged almoSt daily. - -
 ' ' 29. Rosenfeld's symptoms first appeared about theage of ten _ Various
 drugs •
 were prescq_bed for him for pain reliefs He was taking extremely )owerful
 narcotics. By the age of 19 his therapy included 300 mg. of Sopor (a powerfut
 sleeping agent) and very high doses of O_Iaudid. He _as found to be a_lergic to
 barbiturates. Taking massive doses of pain control drugs, as prescribed, made
 _t very difficult for Rosenfe_d to function _orma_ly.. If he took enough of them
 to control the pain, he could barely concentrate on his schoolwork. By the time
 he reached his early twenties Rosenfeld's monthly drug intake was between 120 to
 140 Dilaudid tablets, 30 or more Sopor sleeping pills and dozens of muscle
 tel axants.
 30. At" college in Florida Rosenfeld was introduced to marijuana by
 classmates. He experimented w_h _t recreationally. He never experienced a
 _'high °' or "buzz" or :'floating sensation" from _t. One day he smoked marijuana
 while playing chess with a friend. It had been very difficult for him to sit
 for more than five or ten minutes at a time because of tumors _n the backs of
 his legs. Suddenly he realized that, absorbed _n his chess game, and smoking
 marijuana, he had remained sitting for over an hour - w_th no pain. He
 experimented further a_d found that his pain was reduced _henever he smoked
 31. Rose_feld told his doctor of his discovery° The doctor opined ._
 that it was possible that the marijuana was relieving the pain. ;..
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