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 His central field blindness cleared uRo He could fc_cus well enough to read
 again_ One eye.ning he went out with his Children and found.he cbu_d kick a
 soccer ba]| again.
 25. Paufler has smoked marijuana regularly since 1980. Since that _:
 time:his multiple sclerosis has been we]] i˘ont_Lo||e4o F{is doctor has been "
 o j .
 . - -" c ° -
 astonished at Paufler's recoverya Paufler can now run. He can stand on one
 foot with his eyes closed. The contrast with his condition, severa'I years ago,
 seems miraculous. Smoking marijuana when Paufler feels an attack coming on
 shortens the attack. Paufler's doctor has looked Paufler in the eye and told
 him to keep doing whatever it is hers doing because it works. Pauflec and h_s
 doctor are exploring the possb_lity of obtaining a compassionate I_D to provide
 legal access to marijuana for Paufler_
 26° Pauf_ec _eacned in about 1980 of the success of one Sam Diana, a
 multiple sclerosis patient, in asserting the defense of _'med_cal necessity" _n
 court when charged with using or possessing marijuana. He learned that doctors,
 researchers and other multiple sclerosis patients had supF-orted D_ana_s position
 _n the court proceeding°
 27. irwin Rosenfeld has been diagnosed as having Pseudo Pseudo Hypopaca_
 thyro_d_sm. This uncommon disease causes bone spurs to appear and gdo_ all over
 the body. Over the patient's lifetime hundreds of these spurs can grow, any one
 of which can become malignant at any times The resulting cancer would spread
 quickly and the patiient would dies
 28° Even without development of a malignancy, the disease causes enor-
 mous pain. The spurs pness upon adjacent body tissue, nerw=.s and organs. In
 _osenfeld's case, he could neither sit still nor lie down, nor could he walk,
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