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 of this FDA-approved drug caused fluid to press against Paufler_s lungs making
 it difficult for him to breathe and causing his legs and feet to _ecome swollen.
 The steroid therapy caused severe, intense depression marked by abrupt mood.
 shifts. Throughout,. the spasms continued and Pa_fler's 1_mbs remained out. of
 contro_.[ The doctor insisted that ACTH was the only therapy likely to be of any-
 help with the multiple sclerosis, despite its adverse effects. Another, oral,
 steroid was eventually substituted.
 22. One day Paufler became semi-catatonic _hile sitting im his liv_ng
 room at home. He was rushed to the hospital emergency room. He nearly d_ed.
 Lab reports indicated, among other things, a nearly total lack of potassium in
 his body_ He was given massive injections of potassium _n the emergency room
 and placed on an oral supplement. Paufler resolved to take no more steroids.
 23° From time to time, prior to this point, Paufler had smoked
 marijuana socially with visiting friends, seek some rc_ef from his misery in a
 temporary "high"° He now begam smoking marijuana more often. After some weeks
 he found that he could stand amd then walk _ bit. His doctor dismissed the _dea
 that marijuana could be he_pfu| with multiple sclerosis, and Paufler, himself,
 was skeptical at first. He began discontinuing _t for a wh_le, then resuming.
 24. Pauf]er found that when he did not smoke marijuana his condition
 worsened, he suffered more intense spasms more frequent#y_ When he smoked
 marijuana, his condition _ould stabilize and then improve; spasms were more
 controlled and less severe; he felt better; he regained control over his limbs
 and could walk totally una_dedo H_s vision, often b_urred and umfocused,
 improved. Eventual_y he began smoking marijuana on a daily basts. He ventured
 outdoors° He was soon walking half a block. His eyesight returned to normal.
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