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 drugs. \ ..
 : _8o Another drug prescribed for her was Lioresa_, intended to reduce
 her:spasms. It was not very effective in s.o doing. B_g _t did cause Mso H_rsch
 .to have hallucinations_ On. two occas-_o_s, whi]eusinglthis drug, Ms. H_rsch
 _saw _a fire i_ her bedroom and called foal help. There was no fire. She
 stopped using that drug. _4s. Hirsch has experienced no adverse reactions _ith
 19. Ms. Hirsch's doctor has accepted marigiua_a as beneficial for her.
 He agreed to write her a prescription for it, _f that would help her obtain it.
 She has asked him if he wouldfile an IND application with FDA fer here He
 replied that the paperwork was "overwhelming ", He _(_dicated wi|lingness to help
 in this undertaking after Ms. Hirsch found someone else wil]ing to put the paper-
 work together.
 20. When Gre9 Paufler was in h_s early t.went_es, employed by Prudential
 Insurance Company, he began to experience the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
 His condition worsened as the disease intensified_ He had to be hospitalized.
 He lost the ability to walk, to stand. Diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis,
 a doctor prescribed ACTH for him_ an intensive form of steroid therapy_ He lost
 all-control over his l_mbs and experienced severe, painful spasms. His arms and
 legs became numb.
 21. ACTH had no beneficial effects_ The doctor continued to prescribe
 _t over many months. ACTH made Pauf_er ravenously hu_.g_y a_d he began gaining a
 great deal of weights ACTH caused fluid retention and Paufler became bloated,
 rapidly gaining weight. His doctor thought Pauf]er should continue this steroid
 therapy, ewen though _t .caused the adverse effects mentioned plus the possib]ity
 of sudden heart attack or death due to respiratory failu_eo Increased dosages

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